Say Goodbye to Outrageous Commissions and Fees

Get your own online and mobile ordering system with full functionality for  takeaway, table ordering and collection.

“Restaurants concerned by commission rates” - WHICH? Magazine

STOP paying out in commission - up to 35% of the value of the total order. Grubforrk smart technology provides a good alternative to the third-party Mobile Menu & Ordering System. It's time to START growing your restaurant business.

Be Profitable Again

Take back control of your business

Grubforrk delivery app put restaurant owners back in control of their business, and no longer at the mercy of the delivery aggregator app owners.

It’s super simple to create the QRcode menus, setup the mobile menu and website to show customers and take orders. It really takes minutes to create something that looked extremely high end! No more third party meddlers.

Smarter Delivery App


GrubForrk App is an all-in-one marketing suite for local restaurants and food business owners. The App provides the following features:

Our special services

We can offer tailored marketing services for  restaurant and food business owners who want the additional marketing support. With our services, your business will enjoy a variety of social media advertising campaign, promote customer loyalty, offer and receive giftcard branded for your business and the freedom to manage delivery operators  and many others.

Marketing Service

We will make sure your business is seen across all online channels with a marketing strategy created by our team of marketing experts. We can offer tailored marketing services for  restaurant and food business owners who want the additional marketing support. 

Delivery Service

You can choose to use your own delivery team for your orders. Using your own delivery team gives you even more control and flexibility:

With your own delivery team, you can manager and control delivery radius and delivery fee. Set the delivery area that you feel comfortable fulfilling orders within, and set the fee that you want to charge customers for delivery.

Customer Loyalty Reward

Create Rewards Offers for your restaurant-offline and online. We can create loyalty program rewards that customers to get them ordering on a regular basis. For instance, order food 5 times worth £100 and get points towards 20% discounts on the 6th order or for free delivery.

Gift Cards

With our system you can create your own branded e-gift cards. Create and manage single or multiple gift cards on your websites or print physical plastic cards to sell for additional revenue. Your card payment is integrated to gateways like Stripe* and Visa* which are PCI compliant and ensure the highest security standards.


Consider us as your restaurant partner working to help grow your business.

 We’re constantly developing a wide range of products and services that ensure our restaurant partners can get even more out of working with us, helping you grow your profit margin.


*The mention of Fcaebook,Visa, Stripe and any other brand names is not indication of endorsement or part of the companies